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''My own mental health was a symptom of suppressing my true self ''

Olá! I am Lígia, the artist behind Oh! Good Idea.

In 2009, after giving birth to our second child, I found myself diagnosed with post-natal depression and chronic anxiety.

Having battled mental health for the past decade, I learned various therapy practices such as CBT, I became a certified trainee in Mindfulness Meditation and I secured a Diploma in Journaling Therapy

I use my knowledge, my spiritual gifts as a clairvoyant, and my own life experience to intuitively design alchemy, positive, and inspiring planner stickers and journals that work as an outlet to find your inner voice by promoting self-care time, creativity, increase productivity and igniting a self-healing journey that will connect you with your own intuition and true self.

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And then there was Teedy

Teedy is my character, inspired by my daughter- a full of energy toddler, who loves pink! She is caring, funny and full of personality, which also means she is prone to drama (hence Teedy's crown)!

Teedy is a product of love.  She is a reflection of ME and my World. She is inspired not only by little daughter, but she is charismatic as my other two children too. All the encouragement and mental health understanding she shows, it's a reflection of me and my own struggles, wins and lessons whilst battling my invisible battle.

Teedy is a Starseed, a Lightworker from which I channel my own way of guiding women to heal themselves, love themselves and connect with their intuition.

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