3 Mistakes you are making that's stopping you from achieving your Business Goals

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3 Mistakes you are making that's stopping you from achieving your Business Goals

If you are really serious about your business, you tend to buy a planner at the end of the year for the following year.

You get all excited, and you cannot wait to start planning a brand new start, a fresh focus. Perhaps you already have events planned for next year, maybe you have new ideas that you want to implement. And if you are really business oriented, you might even have your content planning batched out for the first quarter of the year.

However, in this entrepreneurial industry, I've noticed, time and time again that many entrepreneurs, despite having planners and manage to plan with some structure, they feel quite lost throughout the year, and lose consistency. In the end, they fail to to achieve their goals, which lead to frustration, overwhelm and a feeling that they can never get it right. If you are nodding as you read this, the reason why you keep on missing those targets and goals might be due to 3 simple mistakes.

The first mistake is that you are not focusing on the foundational areas of business. If you don't know what those areas are, you will miss the fundamental areas that will allow you to sustain your goal.  Failing to plan those foundational areas, will lead to small business growth, and you will tend to lose focus and consistency in your planning and forget the big vision ( the main goal). 

The second mistake is not setting measurable and realistic goals.You can say that you want to achieve 6K or 10k months, but that is a statement, not a goal. Without a plan behind that goal, you are only wishing. How do you plan your business in a way that you know how to get that revenue? Do you know what you need to be doing, what product line you have to create in order to bring that financial goal? Are you planning monthly targets around that big figure? Having a business goal is not just writing on a planner "I want to achieve, 10K, 13K, 20K by the end of the month/ year". You need to be specific, and you need to strategically plan your goals. 

Remember, the secret is not in the plan, it is in the planning .

Mistake number three is that, most likely, your business goals are not aligned with your personal life. I've seen so many people make this mistake- and I used to do it as well! You have this big vision, this big dream, this big plan for your business, but you're not planning your business to align with your personal/ family life. And that's the reason why, when life happens- those circumstances that are out of your control, you lose track of what you are suppose to do. Your energy level will get lower, due to stress and overwhelm. If you don't have a plan that has the foundations in place and that allows you to be flexible for your personal commitments, ( imagine you need to take two weeks off to sort out something that happens in your life), you're not going to achieve your business goal by the set time you planned. 

The business needs to work for you and not the other way around!

So these are the three mistakes that you might be doing. You might have all three, you might have just one or two. The main thing to take from this article is that,  if you don't follow a structure that has the right strategy and consistency,  despite you having the best intentions at the beginning of the year of achieving your goals, you will end up losing track of your purpose and vision.

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