3 Ways to be Consistent with Planning

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3 Ways to be Consistent with Planning

A lot of members in my Facebook Community have reported a struggle to be consistent with planning- or more so, to use their planner on a daily basis. 

Being consistent is all about creating the habit of checking your planner- it’s about repetition, so your brain is trained to embody this new habit. 

As we are wired to take the path of least resistance whenever we are starting a new habit, it is really important to create a strategy that will help you stick with the habit until it is engraved enough.

In this article, I will be sharing with you 3 ways you can be more consistent with planning:

1- Location

When it comes to being consistent with using your planner, the key decision to do it consistently is deciding on the location!

Have you ever heard the popular saying “out of sight, out of mind“? 

The same goes for your planner. If you don’t have it in a place that is visible enough for you to remember to grab it and write on it, you will forget about it!

Find a place where you know you will see it and make use of it- maybe your dining table, so you can check it whilst having your breakfast, or your desk so you make the habit to look at it before starting your workday. Or your bedside table, so you remember to check it and write on it before going to bed. 

The trick is to try and reduce your mental barriers and the resistance that comes with them. Don’t give your brain a reason to find excuses.

2- Simplify

Why having 3 or 4 different planners when you can have everything in one and reduce the overwhelm? 

If you lack the time or the energy to plan, having different planners for different sections of your life can actually have the reverse effect you are looking for. You will feel so overwhelmed you can’t keep up with filling up all those planners, and so you stop using them altogether.

Keep it simple! Choose a planner with enough space for the things you want to track. It doesn’t need to be a chunky planner, it just needs to have enough space to fit your lifestyle and your schedule. Keeping all the important information in one place will also help you become more productive, less confused and you will get an instant view of all the areas in your life at a glance.


3- Intention

Setting your intention to use your planner is really important to being consistent.

First, set up a time to write in your planner. Spare an hour every week to plan for the week ahead, revise goals, create checklists and make it non-negotiable!

Secondly, set the intention to be as specific as possible in your writing. Do you have an appointment? What is it for? What time? With who?

When you write your goals or tasks, it helps to be detailed as to why you want to achieve that goal. This will help you to have the necessary motivation to follow through with your plan and be productive. When you start seeing the results of being organised and consistent, you will not want to let this habit go! 

Remember that creating a habit of being consistent is not an overnight change. It is a process that requires resilience and patience. You might not see results after a week or a month. In fact, I know you won’t. As I keep mentioning in my articles, any practice takes 28 days to become a habit, so don’t try to rush it or fall into frustration. It will work. You just need to commit.

Lots of love,

Ligia xx

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