5 Top Tips on how to Balance Work and Family Life

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5 Top Tips on how to Balance Work and Family Life

Ahhh... the never-ending battle between balancing work and family life, especially if like me, you work from home.

It is so easy to get distracted by our lack of working hours when our offices are on the kitchen table or a spare room in the house! We always try to fit in another 5 minutes to answer an email, design another graphic, post another social media post. For this reason, it's really hard to switch off - it's not the same as doing a 9 to 5 somewhere else, and step into the mum/wife role once we get home.

The fact we wear all of these different hats also can bring a lot of overwhelm! Imagine you are really hooked in a work project and you have to interrupt it to do a school run or give attention to your 4-year old that is screaming in the background! We get frustrated because the workflow was interrupted, or because the " just another 5 minutes" extended to 15 minutes and you are running late to that doctor's appointment or school run!  

Does it sound familiar? I know this happened to me numerous times and I needed to be very structured to avoid all of these stressful moments.

Planning with a structure and lists has been a lifesaver and I make sure I do it consistently every week to keep me in control and on top of my deadlines. 

With that in mind, I am sharing with you my 5 Top Tips to help you find the work and family balance you long for:

      1. Plan out your week ahead and list the top 3 priorities for both your work and personal life. What are the things that have a deadline soon? Do you have things booked that cannot be re-booked ( doctor's appointments, school meetings, etc)? By knowing what are the 3 priorities in both work and personal life, you are less likely to forget or work on last-minute stress.
      2. Break those top priorities into small, actionable steps that you can work on daily and that will make you feel less overwhelmed and in control, but also bring you closer to tick that big priority at the end of the week.
      3. List your non-priorities. All of those things that need attention but are not urgent, list them and work on them whenever you have a break during the week. The satisfaction of ticking those things out is very motivating!
      4. Stop scrolling on social media! I know it has been said a lot by a lot of people, but what is supposed to be a quick check, ends up taking half an hour of your time, that you could have been productive in your business. Online entrepreneurs like myself can find this challenging because our work depends on social media: that's where we connect with our customers/ clients, that's where we network and market our services, but all of these can also be planned out and structured during the week so you are strategic with the way you use social media and don't get distracted.
      5. Always, ALWAYS have non-negotiables  and stick with them. If Sunday is family day, don't be tempted to chase up emails or check social media. Schedule posts, put an automated responder on your emails so clients/ customers know your office hours and you don't feel pressured to reply. If you know mornings are to sort out the kids to school and do the school runs, and evenings are for cooking dinner, having dinner together, spend time with your partner and children, read them a story, set those boundaries to yourself and to your clients and don't work during those times. You also need time for yourself and a break and this allows for that.

I hope you find these tips useful and if you would like more insights and support, make sure you join my Facebook Group.



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