7 Reasons to Love your Planner

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7 Reasons to Love your Planner

Have you ever own something so special, that completes you emotionally and fills all your needs? 

My planner does! My planner is my sanctuary and I bet I am not alone in this! (OK, my family and husband tick all those boxes too, but I'm talking in terms of something materialistic here). 

Other people might find that gaming consoles, writing poems, or having a headphone handing to listen to music fulfills them emotionally. For me is having a planner.

Oh! Good Idea Planner, KIKKI.K mint green planner

And I will tell you why so you can find 7 reasons to love your planner too:

  1. Organisation: I have a need to have information handy regarding various subjects that I can access at a glance. Besides using my planner to plan my weeks (obviously!), I divide the planner into sections. I have a section for my Finance Tracking, especially credit card payout dates, amounts, and end of interest-free promotions, so I avoid paying late fees or interest. I also have a section for meal planning, where I basically have a menu schedule for 4 weeks. At the end of week 4, I return to week 1 and follow the menu. It makes it easier to know what to buy too. Another section I have is for To Dos in terms of school meetings, important dates such as school play, sports days, etc, and their password logins to online homework. These are some examples just to give you an idea of how you can organize your planner depending on your needs.
  2. Mental Health: For all the reasons I explained in this article here, having a planner helps me with my Mental Health. The time I spare planning my week in advance, it's a relaxing me time I get just for me. I also get to write how I felt during the days, coming back to my planner every evening to add a gratitude entry or write something that upset me that particular day. By doing so, I'm able to keep track of my mood and of which triggers are influencing it.
  3. Creative Outlet: Planners don't need to be boring. Depending on my mood, I add stickers and washi tape to my spreads to keep me motivated. When I make my planner pretty, it actually makes me want to come back to it every day, which not only increases my productivity, it also allows me to express my emotions through creativity.
  4. Portable: This is actually a very good one. My life is in my planner and I can take it with me everywhere!- OK, you can take your phone everywhere too and it also contains so much important things there as well, but it's not as pretty as a planner to take out of your handbag.
  5. Memory Aid: Since the moment I got pregnant with my first child, my brain turned to mush and I can't remember anything! Birthdays, events, doctors appointments... It just got worse pregnancy after pregnancy. After having three children you can imagine how my brain works! My planner is my savior when it comes to memory. Not only I can schedule things and come back to it and actually remember what needs to be done, just the fact I actually jot that down, already helps exercising the brain. It has been proved scientifically that writing improves memory recall and encourages critical thinking. So bonus points for this one!
  6. Flexible: I can use my planner in whatever way it suits me. As opposed to digital planning that you have no control of the structure, in a physical planner you can make it your own. I add inserts, I remove inserts. I change the layout or the dashboards according to the season. I add sections etc. There is no right or wrong way of using your planner. The only rule here is to make it your own and that it suits your lifestyle. We change over time and our needs, likes, and priorities change too. So it’s only natural that our planner styles change as well to adapt to that.
  7. "Best Friend": I can honestly say my planner is my best friend. It knows all my secrets, my flaws, and my qualities. It's always there for me, it keeps me sane, entertained, and doesn't judge me. It's patient, doesn't mind changing and, even when I fell out of it for a week or two, whenever I come back to it, nothing has changed! 

Go ahead and give your planner some love! It will be your best friend!


Ligia xx

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