Are you setting business goals or wishes?

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Are you setting business goals or wishes?

Setting goals is the important step to make your business succeed, otherwise, you are just feeling lost, without knowing what you're doing. 

So, the question here is: Are you setting goals, or are you setting wishes?

Do you know what is the difference between setting a goal, and wishing?

First is important for you to understand the importance of setting business goals because having goals for both your personal life and for your business will give you the motivation and the determination to carry on when things get difficult. You will get excited, and you will have a sense of purpose.

We cannot always prevent things from happening in our lives that will steer us off course, and it's easy to lose track of where we are at and where we are meant to go when that happens. Having goals set and a strategy in place will give you the motivation and it will serve as a reminder of the reason why you want to keep going. You will have your vision to keep you focused. 

You can't achieve that just by throwing intentions to the ceiling and hoping it will stick! Having goals will give you the desire to thrive and to achieve something better, whilst you stay in our lane, even when life throws challenges at you.

When you sit down to plan, and you are meant to set your financial goal, do you say things like 'By the end of the year, I want to make X amount of money'?

What do you do next? Maybe you break that figure down by 12 months so you know how much you have to bring to the business every month, but then what?

Do you work out what you need to get done every month to meet that monthly target? Do you put strategies in place? Do you plan what products to launch? Do you know how many sales/ clients you need per month will allow you to reach that number?

Read that again:   'By the end of the year, I want to make X amount of money'? 


Do you think that is a goal?


That's a statement.

You are simply stating that you will be making that amount of money, that you want or need that amount of money. But that is not setting a goal. That is not business planning.

Without a plan, you don't know where, how, what you need to do to get there. It's just stating a WISH! 

Instead of being so broad in your financial figure, be specificChange your narrative to 'By the end of the year, I will make X amount of money, and for that to happen I need to sell X amount of products/ services per month and I need X amount of paying clients/customers every month that will spend on average X amount.'

Do you see the difference?

When you are setting your goals, always use the SMART system as a guide.

Always set a goal that is:

Specific- A well defined, clear, and ambitious goal. Why do you want to achieve it? How much money do you want to bring in?

Measurable-  Measure the progress of your achievements. How many clients/customers/sales do you need?

Achievable- Well defined enough so you can achieve it. Do you have the resources ( time, money, team, connections, Marketing)? Are you capable of doing it? Have you done it before? What do you need to learn?

Realistic- Is it within reach? Are you able to commit the necessary time and money to achieve that goal?

Timely- By when? Have a deadline that gives you a sense of urgency and motivation.

After setting up your big goal break it down into short-term goals that will help you achieve the long-term goal.

Remember that any goals you set can be modified. Any of it is set in stone- you might be able to reach your goals sooner and you need to create a bigger one, your personal circumstances may change and you need to adapt... You can change your goals anytime because to be successful is to have goals that work with your personal life. Business goal planning is an ongoing process: you don't plan it once, and that's it! You should be planning all of the time, you should be setting goals all of the time. Whenever you meet a goal, you create a new one. That's the way you're going to move forwards.

Change the plan, just don't change the vision.


If you need more clarity and a step-by-step system that will help you get clarity about what areas of your business you need to plan and focus on, I have the perfect course for you!


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Will you be setting goals or wishes?


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