Find your blocks through Journaling

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Find your blocks through Journaling

Do you ever ask yourself about what is keeping you stuck?

Do you ever feel like you are on fire and then you reach a brick wall and you don't know how to move forward?

Last week I had a breakthrough session with a mindset coach. I told her exactly this: I reached an invisible wall and I don't know how to move past it.

You see, I've been working so hard on my mindset and my wounds for a long time, and more so since lockdown- finally I found time to dedicate to myself and do the work needed.

But I've been also up-leveling as a result of that work. I'm taking risks and getting out of my comfort zone, doing new and scary things that I never thought I could.

This personal growth it's testing all my old beliefs and the Fear has been activated in order to keep me safe.

That's when I reached the brick wall.

I let myself be affected by other people's behaviours. I started to doubt my skills. I started to curl up in a ball of not good enoughness so no one notices me.

And then I went to my old habits of trying to prove myself to others, the result of my own comparison! The need to let others know that I'm still fighting, that I can do this, that I'm capable of.

But to whom was I trying to prove myself?!

  • To strangers.
  • To my parents, as if I'm still a 6-year-old explaining myself so I don't get punished.
  • To the expectations, I have of what I think I should be or do.

I started to fill my vocabulary with "shoulds" and "woulds", "can'ts" and "ifs", poisoning all the hard work I've done up until now.

All I needed in order to break through this was to ask myself what is it that is keeping me stuck!
In 40 minutes with this coach I came to realise that, although I shed so much over the last months, I still have to shed some more. And I'm sure after healing this, there will always be something else that will need work.
Because whenever we are growing and taking risks, we breakdown before we breakthrough.

The key is to understand what is really happening inside our minds and our hearts. And reprogram our brains to relate painful events to different emotions and a different narrative.

So, if you are feeling stuck and you can't seem to find your way out, ask yourself what is it that is keeping you stuck? What are the blocks?

A good way of going deeper and truly releasing all the feelings and emotions in order to spot those blocks is to journal.

Use prompts such as: 

  • How do I envision my life to be in order to feel fulfilled/happy/successful/loved?
  • What do I need to get there?
  • What is holding me back?
  • What skills/strengths do I have now that I can use in my favor? Why am I not using those yet?
  • What am I focusing my attention on at the moment?
  • What are my blocks?

Spend some time in each prompt. Let it all out, because it's in what you think it's silly to write or what you perceive as not important, that the key to old beliefs are held and, in reality, it's what is feeding your blocks. And when you identify what those blocks are

Go deeper.

Much love,


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