Have you heard of #MarchMeetTheMaker?

Have you heard of #MarchMeetTheMaker?

I have been a fan of the #MarchMeetTheMaker ever since it came out 4 years ago. At the time, I had my previous sewing business and joining in the challenge was an amazing way to connect with the Maker Community!

But what is the so popular #MarchMeetTheMaker?

It's a 31 day Instagram Challenge that runs through March every year - there is a shorter version of the Challenge before the Holidays too.
Both Challenges were created by the fantastic designer and maker Joanne Hawker who also runs her own handmade business and so she understands all the perks and struggles of running a craft business. She is the responsible for getting so many artists, makers and creatives around the World come together every March to show behind the scenes, telling our businesses stories and connect, not only with one another but with our followers as well.

That's what I most enjoy about this challenge. We often get so caught up with our many business duties that we forget to show our followers our human side and share with them the creative process, the progress and a bit about us. This challenge makes me think and be creative with my posts and connect with such an amazing and inspiring community of creatives as well as connect with my followers and customers who get to read so many different prompts during the month.

I think we should all thank Joanne for this fantastic initiative and for giving us the motivation to share more about us and our little dreams.

#marchmeetthemaker Instagram Challenge 2020

#marchmeetthemaker Instagram Challenge 2020 Prompts 

If you are a creative and would like to give this challenge a go, head over to Joanne's Instagram and check out all the prompts above. She is running giveaways throughout the month with partnerships with other great businesses, and that alone it's a great excuse to join in.

If you would like to check my journey and Oh! Good Idea's branding stories and creative process, check out my Instagram

See you there!

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