How I PAINTED my Planner!

How I PAINTED my Planner!

I did a crazy thing!!

After transforming my Webster's Pages from a ring bound into a string bound ( Travellers Notebook) in this post, I then decided to change my planner cover completely. I painted it's original coral PU Leather into a beautiful cosmic effect cover, to fit the purpose for this journal: use it for my Spiritual and Manifestation journey.

I didn't buy anything fancy or expensive for this purpose. I simply used acrylic paint for the base, watercolours for the effect, and a silver varnish to protect the cover from scratches. This simple and easy!

Although I found this PU leather quite absorbent, I gave it two layers of paint, letting it dry between layers. Once it was dried, I started with the artwork.

I did some research for images to inspire me before hand. I had this vision for the cover to have this cosmic/ celestial kind of look and for that effect, I started to experiment with my watercolours.
I wanted to see how the watercolour would react on top of the acrylic paint  because I really wanted to give that blending watercolour effect to the artwork.

I chose the colours on my water colour palette that really spoke to me and have that intuition/ spiritual connotation such as blues and pinks and purples, and I just played with it.

It was a long process because I had to let the layers dry in between and I did get a bit impatient at some point -I really wanted to see the finished result! 

Along the process, I kept on mixing the acrylic paints (purple, light pink, light blue) along with the watercolours mention above until I was getting the results I had in my vision and I was happy with it. I also added some golden yellow just give the whole design that kind of cosmic waves/ rays effects and bring the design more to life.

When I was happy with the colour blend, I added some colours splashes of pink, white and blue, to mimic the stars.

After all paint was dried in the front cover, I moved to the inside of the cover, using the same 2 layer technique with the blue acrylic paint. I kept in simple and didn't add any more colours.

To finish the cover, both inside and out, I use a varnish technique to protect the journal from scratches. As I didn't had any specific varnish at home, what I did was to use PVA glue - just dip a brush lightly- and then dipped the same brush into a metallic silver paint. I could have use the silver paint directly BUT that would have painted the cover silver and I just wanted a shimmer effect. By mixing the paint with the glue, I got the varnish and shimmer effect that I was looking for!

When the varnish dried, I decided to add a symbol and a word that could both complete the front cover AND be a symbol of my Spiritual journey.

After sketching the symbol and the wording with a pencil, I outlined it with a black sharpie and added some colour details with metallic pens.

I'm super happy with how my new Journal looks as it has all the meaning and inspiration I envisioned.

Hope this article sparkles some inspiration if you ever thought of painting your planner but thought you need expensive tools are a technique. Its simple, easy affordable.



If you are more visual and would like to watch the full progress, check out the video I shared on my channel:  

Tools Used:

  • Cerulean Blue Acrylic Paint
  • Wilko Winsor & Newton
  • Cotman Watercolours Silver Paint for castings
  • Docrafts Papermania Metallic Pens
  • Black Sharpie
  • PVA Glue

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