How to decoupage your Journaling pages

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How to decoupage your Journaling pages

Have you ever used decoupage in your journal?

This method is so simple and therapeutic and it brings something unique to your pages. The word decoupage derives from the French découpage. In its essence, this method is the art of collage: decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cutouts, creating layers that seem part of the same image. This art can be used in so many mediums: to decorate wooden boxes, ceramics, jewellery, and, of course, in journaling!

There are a variety of paper and glue choices in the market you can use that are said to be especially for decoupage. But I always used simple things I have around the house: beautiful napkins, cut-outs from magazines, even print outs ( although with these there is a risk of ink bleeding in the process, so I always avoid pictures with certain pigmentation such as reds, blues, and oranges). As for the glue, just standard PVA glue it's enough to create the desired outcome. I used the same materials numerous times to refurbish furniture, decorate wooden boxes, and even teacups. Although for these a last layer of varnish might be needed. For journaling, you can simply use your ephemera cutouts, tissue paper, napkins, and glue.

By creating different layers of cut-outs and glue, you can create beautiful page spreads that will look part of one unique picture. And the glue gives it a beautiful shimmer too. I share more detail in the video below and I totally recommend you give this a try! Its a great mindfulness exercise and it's something that can be applied in many things- you can even personalize gifts for your loved ones.
For this project, I chose to use a Monalisa tissue that I purchased in Paris back in 2002. I also used a beautiful yellow and white tissue paper my best friend gave me as a wrapping for a gift. However, you can use anything from vellum, magazine paper, wrapping paper, napkins... The sky is the limit! 

After choosing the pieces you want to use, the next step is to glue it in place. 

On my second page, and I'm tried to have a cohesive look between the two pages so both have the same theme and become part of one piece. I dug into my paper stash and I found a cutout page from an art magazine. The beautiful art piece featured was an oil painting. I thought the colours matched the colours of the Mona Lisa tissue as well as the shape- it looked like a close up of Mona Lisa's shoulder.

I cut it and placed it on my second page and applied two layers of PVA glue.

The more layers of coloured paper and collage you add, the more density you will add to your papers and it will blend all cut out pieces into one piece of art! 


I then added cut outs of brown paper into my pages so I could journal later. I went through my magazine stash again and I had this page with a beautiful flower artwork but it also had some text. I had a read at the text and I found two separate sentences that caught my attention. I cut it out and glued into my page. It reads " the spirits of times, guiding them in the right direction". I had the chills for a moment! How odd to find these two sentences in an art magazine purchased over 7 years ago that resonates so much with my spiritual journey now!

Whilst I was doing my research to add some meaningful journaling to the pages, I learned that Mona Lisa's original name given by Leonardo da Vinci was Giocondo Lisa. Giocondo means, happy and Lisa was the lady that Leonardo da Vinci painted. The artist's idea was to create a sense of happiness.


So, as a spiritual person, I started to make sense of all the pieces. The inspiration I was guided throughout this process, from the moment I found the tissues I purchased in our Paris trip so many years ago, to the sentences in the art magazine page, came together to one beautiful message: the spirits of times, guiding me in the right direction to happiness!
I journaled about my discovery in my pages and I dated it because I truly believe this process was a message from my spiritual guide.


I really recommend you give decoupage a try. This process is very therapeutic and mindful because you are in the moment. And when you are relaxed and in the present moment, you let your creativity flow and reveal you amazing messages!

If you would like to watch the full process, here it's my Youtube video.

Let me know in the comments if you tried decoupaging your pages and how you found it.

Lots of love,


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