I turned my Webster's Pages Ring Bound into a Traveller's Notebook!

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I turned my Webster's Pages Ring Bound into a Traveller's Notebook!

A year ago I bought a beautiful brand new Webster's Pages Ring Bound in a Facebook destash. Not that I was in need of another planner- but hey, who needs an excuse to by another notebook/pen/planner?

I kept it in my shelf for a while, until I purchased a mini Happy Planner and I thought I would love to use my Webster's as a cover for my mini. 

Too excited to wait for the new planner to arrive, I went ahead and removed the rings from my Webster's Pages, following some videos on YouTube. It wasn't as easy as it looked. I had to wriggle it around and twist the whole metal until I was finally able to remove the rings completely.

To my disappointment, when my mini Happy Planner arrived, it did't fit properly on my Webster's. I couldn't close it! So my Webster's Pages went back to the shelf and for the longest time I didn't know what to do with it. I felt guilty as I damaged a beautiful planner that was now unused and I couldn't re-sell.

Recently, as part of my spiritual journey, I was in the look out for a new journal where I could record all my findings, manifestations and synchronicities. Hours and hours spent online and I was unable to find anything that resonated with me and that caught my attention! That's when I remember of my rejected Webster's Pages!!

I walk to my shelf, grabbed it, opened it and I had a light bulb moment: Why not to turn this no-longer-ring-bound planner into a Traveller's Notebook?!

The very next day, I grabbed all the tools I needed and, this time, I decided to record my process. I measured the spine of my Webster's Pages and I marked 1 cm from top to middle and from bottom to middle, to find the placement allowance for the holes.

I decided I wanted to have 3 strings in my journal, so I had to measure the placement to fit 3 holes within the width of the spine of my cover. The spine measured 3cm and I marked the holes with 0.5cm in between them.

Then, I just grabbed my punch- I used my revolving leather puncher for this purpose, and I punched the holes where the marks were made.

Because I wanted to make the holes sturdier and avoid the leather in the spine to become stretched with the use, I added golden eyelets, using my eyelet pliers.

The final part of the process was just adding the string to the planner!
I covered the holes from where the rings were located with some washi tape and voilà ! I turned my Webster's Pages Rings Bound into a Travellers Notebook, and I cannot wait to use it!

On a further process, I will paint this cover to match the purpose of this journal. In the meantime, here it's the video I recorded of this process:



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