Is the art of handwriting dying out?

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Is the art of handwriting dying out?

Last Saturday was National Handwriting Day, and as a Journaling Therapy Coach and a stationery addict, I had to make a special article highlighting all the amazing magic handwriting can do for you!

Although we live in a digital age, handwriting is still more powerful and beneficial than typing. That’s because writing by hand activates more areas of the brain and the memory. Plus a paper and a pen may help you to faster examine various feelings around different experiences in your life.


If you follow me for a while, you know that I am a true believer in the power of Journaling. There is nothing quite so revealing than grabbing a journal and a pen and handwriting all of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are floating around in our mind. Journaling it’s a journey of discovery of the self.

It’s like being an archeologist, excavating tirelessly for data that will allow you to study your past, interpret the reason behind your beliefs and behaviours and find the most beautiful artefact of all: your soul!

Journaling Births transformation. Words are like vessels that hold the vibration of healing, love, and peace or the vibration of fear, victimization, or judgment. When you journal mindfully and you start paying attention to how you use your words to tell your story to yourself and to others, you will have the power of the transformation in your hands. Words have the power to transform how you are feeling, therefore, they have the power to heal. And when you heal, you shed walls that block you from listening to your intuition.


I see journaling as a conduit to finding our own spirituality and sense of self. How many writers do you know that used writing as a way to face their own demons, do their shadow work whilst sharing their findings with us in the form of poetry,  playwright or storytelling? Names such as Shakespeare, 

Luís de Camões, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling or Mark Twain come to mind. 


Writing by hand in a journal makes it a holistic practise, where you are in the present moment, paying attention to all the feelings in your body and all the emotions that come through, whilst, at the same time, you are immersed in your own World of self- discovery.

Various studies also prove that handwriting in a journal has immense benefits, both emotional and physical. When you journal, your mind is seeking the right words to express your emotions or events, utilizing the rational left side of your brain. This frees the creative right side to potter about with thoughts and play, helping you gain different perspectives of a situation that you only interpreted as painful before. 


The more you write, the freer you become of the emotions you are bottling up. You gain a renewed clarity and understanding, which will ease your overwhelm, stress and pain about a certain experience or event in your life. That’s because the amygdala - the structure in the brain responsible for controlling our emotions, sees it's activity reduced when we are writing expressively. That brings amazing emotional benefits such as ease of stress levels, helps to regulate our emotions and gain control over our thoughts, feelings and emotional outbreaks.

But it doesn’t end here. Because the amygdala is balanced when we write and reduces our stress levels, our immune system is no longer working in overdrive to cope with symptoms of anxiety or stress, which in a long term, helps to improve- and even cure, diseases such as asthma, cancer, liver disease, chronic pelvic pain and diabetes.

Next time you grab pen and paper, remember that you are doing much more than writing: you are finding your voice. You are healing. 


Journaling allows us to reclaim our expression, be heard, hone our power, and release. When we release all the blocks that are keeping us stuck, you are opening a path for healing to happen.

And when you heal, you grow emotionally and spiritually.

Don't let the art of handwriting die out as it's such an empowering tool.


Lots of Love,



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