It is time to step into YOUR POWER!

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It is time to step into YOUR POWER!


For so many reasons such as childhood and life experiences that created so many limiting beliefs around our self-worth and our place in the world that still impact our mindset today, we struggle to SEE our own abilities, our own self-worth, our own gifts, and power. 


As women, we have been conditioned for centuries to think that our value is dependent on the "pleasure" we give to others in our roles as mums, wives, daughters. It is in our DNA to believe that we are the roles we play in the world and not our individuality. Our identity is dependent on what we do, not who we are, and so we struggle to believe that we are worthy of love, success, and happiness if we are not fulfilling a role that serves others.



The truth is, we get to break the cycle. We get to choose to see our worth and step into our power because we deserve it! 



Last year, during a meditation, I received a message from my spirit guides to create a journal. I saw the colours on the cover. I saw the main image for the journal. I read the words " I am Me". The main image was actually something I had hand-drawn in my own journal 6 months back, but in this download from spirit, it showed me it had to be black and come out from a vortex of light.

The very next day I went straight to my iPad and I only stopped until the design was exactly how I visualized during my meditation. 



However, it took me 4 months to release this journal, because I knew this wasn't about the journal- I was called to be of service and bring light and empowerment to all the women in my community. The journal is just a vessel to help with finding your individual voice and discover the parts of you that have been conditioned, that are hidden but are screaming to be found and heard.

During these 4 months, I researched the most powerful affirmations to add to the pages of this journal. The visual design was meticulously chosen to bring inspiration and peace to the pages when you are writing. The crystals that I outsourced were chosen to bring self-love and self-confidence. Eventually, I could not choose the one that would call to the hearts of the women that need this message, so I seek feedback in my Facebook Community, and so Rose Quartz was the chosen crystal for this magical self-development pack. Stickers with inspirational quotes and all the other pieces of the puzzle were chosen with intuitive meaningful purpose


So, after months and months in the making, the I am Me Journaling Pack is finally here


This Journaling Pack is so much more than a stationery box -it is a pathway to self-love, it is a container to find, accept and love yourself as the beautiful and powerful being that you are.

It is the invitation for the change you have been seeking so that you can step into the woman you were born to be!


I am Me Journal


The I am Me Journaling Pack includes: 

  • I am Me Journal (a 100-page full coloured journal with 96 Affirmations)
    • 1 Matching pen ( purple, blue or white pens sent at random)
    • 1 regular Inspiration Quotes Sticker Sheet
    • 1 regular Crystal Decor Sticker Sheet
    • 1 Rose Quartz Crystal in a pouch and with information Card
    • 1 Journaling Card
    • 1 I am Me Die Cut
    • A Journaling Workshop ( link will be sent to access a full workshop around how to get the most out of Journaling, how to start deep soul writing, and how to make the most out of this pack).

    Just the Workshop alone is worth £29.

    With this Journaling pack, you get all the above for only £25 (plus shipping).


    There will be 20 Journaling Packs available, and the first 10 orders will get a FREE HANDMADE BOOKMARK that will compliment this pack beautifully.

    I cannot wait for it to be a part of your self-development journey.

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