It's Teedy's First Birthday!!

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It's Teedy's First Birthday!!

Can you believe its already a year since I launched Teedy in my shop?

I certainly don't!! Teedy has been my baby since I launched it. 

On the 22nd of May 2019 I launched Teedy to the World, releasing 23 sticker sheets over at my Etsy Shop, all at once! I made it a big event, launching a sale along the release of all the stickers so people could get their hands on as many designs as they could- and it was a success!

A year later, Teedy has already over 63 Sticker Sheets dedicated to her- plus Kits, phone wallets, Sticker Albums and Micro Covers!

For the longest time, I was in pursue of the creation of an unique character to my shop. One day, I was sketching with my daughter - yes, she is a mini me and loves to draw- and I just sketched a cute kawaii girl. And, in the middle of that playtime with my little muse, I got inspired and that's when Teedy was created! I was finally happy with it! That's when Teedy came to life!!

So... Teedy is inspired by my (now) four year old daughter, Matilde. 
She has pink hair, because is Matilde's favourite colour and she wears a crown because Matilde is our Princess - and she is also a Drama Queen! 

Over the past year, Teedy has been an anchor to my own mental health- through her I can explore and deal with my own anxiety in a creative way, reflecting my struggles and all the skills I learnt throughout this invisible battle.

Also, through Teedy I am able to inspire and motivate other Woman who are in the same boat as me in regards to mental health and the need of reminders of their self worth and self love.

Teedy has so much meaning and worth- more than a normal character sticker has! She is not only a sticker character. She is an impersonation of woman empowerment and love!

For her first Birthday I will be releasing a special and limited stock Mystery Bag Launch, as well as an amazing Sale to celebrate this milestone!

Come and join us for a weekend filled with cuteness, happiness and sticker goodies over at my shop!

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