January Round Up

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January Round Up

Where has this month gone? 

I cannot believe that some weeks ago we were all celebrating the new decade, the new year and here we are, a few days away of the end of January 2020.

Normally January ( to me) seems to be the longesssst month of the year, but, if I am honest, this year it truly flew by! Maybe because I've been so busy with exciting projects and I feel I could do with an extra week or two this month.

In this article I will reflect on what I've been up to in our little planner shop, what exciting things I learnt so you can have an idea of not only Oh! Good Idea's behind the scenes but also a bit of an insight of what it is like to run a shop.

  • Before I reopened the shop after the Holidays, I put my girl boss's hat and cracked on planning the business for this year. This is a really crucial part of running a business so I have an idea of target numbers for sales, Income for the Year, Marketing goals and business development. It is a moment of also looking back to the previous year and see what worked, what didn't work and put strategies in place.
  • January is Oh! Good Idea's ShopAnniversary Month- I was very busy putting together some exciting celebrations which included a Giveaway over at our Facebook Group, a fantastic Mystery Bag launch, new releases and a Sale that's coming up tomorrow!
  • I will be attending our first Planner Con of the year in less than 3 weeks time, which meant that my printers and cutting machines were working over time to print and cut as many inventory as I can to take with me. I had to order 400 sticker paper sheets in a space of two weeks ( 200 pages each time), because I run out of paper for the stock I still need to print. Lesson: always have enough supply inventory so I don't panic at last minute.
  • In the process of cutting sticker sheets, I cut my finger with an X-acto knife and lost sensibility. Lesson: Don't work with sharp tools when tired.
  • In relation with the Planner Con, as I will be sponsoring a table, I've been busy as well thinking about the set up, the goodie bags and doing all the preparation necessary. I still haven't finished! Lesson: Start the preparations as soon as I am booked up, so I don't feel overwhelmed with my immense to do list.
  • One of my goals for this year was to start blogging. I feel very proud of my efforts and I can say that I was consistent the whole month with one blog post a week! I am still finding my voice and what you might feel is interesting to read, so any ideas you would like me to cover, please send it over to me.
  • I found some time to design new sticker sheets and I finally released the Valentine's Day collection, but soon realised I launched it late. Lesson: I should have it ready at the beginning of the year. 
  • Business-wise, I was also busy making orders, working on the website and doing the accounts.
  • On the personal side, being a mum of three, I had all the mummy duties to take care of: back to school, my eldest's immunisation, school meetings, applying for primary schools, and then family birthdays in between.
  • I made it a goal to start reading books again! It's been ages since I read a book for the pleasure and fun of reading, so I committed to read at least 2 chapters a day ( or at night, since I'm reading at bedtime). I am pleased to report that I finished three books already this month: The House on the Gulf, The 1000 Year Old Boy and Eleven. I truly recommend any of these books that can be read at any age!

     Oh! Good Idea Planner Stickers, Valentine's day Collection Stickers, TeedyOh! Good Idea Valentine's Day Collection


    I am not normally this occupied with so many different projects. But with the shop celebrations and the Planner Con next month, I did had a busy month doing many different things. Thank Goodness for lists and notebooks- it came in very handy to help me keep on track and not forget things.

    As a result, I feel extremely tired ( but so very happy and excited) and I feel I need some holidays after the whole rush, but, as a solo person working on a business, getting some time off seems a luxury I cannot afford to have. That's another lesson I need to learn: improve my time management so I have work organised and done during the day and have the evening to spend time with my family and rest. I will make it a goal for this year!

    I hope you have enjoyed this (kind of ) diary entry, where I shared wins, accomplishments and lessons. I hope you can find this information valuable if you also run a business or hope to do so in the future. 

    Lots of love,



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