Journal to Heal

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Journal to Heal

Healing is so messy...

People often show the after healing mask- you know, the one where you are smiling, conquering the World, positive and calm. Few people show the messy progress, the painful transition, the tears.

Similar to when we are starting a weight loss program- we only share the starting picture, when we already can show others a difference in our size. Until then, we might share snippets of things, like a healthy meal, a healthy smoothie, or a workout picture at the gym.
But what about the other days? The ones we struggle to get out of bed, the ones we were meant to go running but we didn't or the chocolate bar we sneakily ate?

The same happens with our emotional healing. We love to share and inspire others with what we managed to overcome and how great life is now, but we wouldn't post about the days we cried for no reason, the days we hated ourselves for feeling like a failure, or that gathering or party we missed out because we didn't want anyone to see how rubbish we were feeling!

But healing is messy!! Whilst we are shedding blocks and triggers it can, and it will be very emotional. Very painful. We will feel like poo before we feel better. We will face many truths about ourselves that we never wanted to accept. We will need to be confrontational with all the pictures our brain will throw at us so we can believe of how victimized we are.

Never fall into the trap of comparing your journey with that someone that has passed the messy, ugly phase of healing. Nor never avoid doing the healing because you don't expect or are afraid of the mess that awaits you.

That mess is needed because it is how you will grow.

The same as when we are building a house: the construction phase is scary, messy, and takes time before it's all done, cleaned, and worth enjoying!

Be kind to yourself. Use your journal to write about all the emotions that are running through you and all the thoughts that are in your mind. No holding back. No judgment.

You might cry. It might be painful, but without facing the pain and the things we normally avoid to keep us protected, the healing cannot happen.

Some prompts you can use are:

  • I never shared this with anyone...
  • When I think about ( this situation), I can't help but feel...
  • Why is (this experience) always on my mind? Why does it haunt me? How could it end in a way I can move on?
  • From now on, I want to be more...

Remember to spend some time writing and exploring each prompt. Let everything go and let go of any judgment, as you need to release and make sense of the story that's is going on in your mind, in order to heal and move forward. Take this as a journey of self- discovery that will allow you to heal the past and the wounds and look forward to a brighter future.

And if you would like to be guided to take this healing forward, join the waiting list for my program Pathway to Emotional Healing.




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