Journaling is the Workout of the Mind

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Journaling is the Workout of the Mind

Last week I was doing a Facebook Live on my Facebook Group, and I discussed this analogy with my members: 

Journal is to the Gym as Journaling is to a Workout.

Everyone loved this analogy that came to me in a dream and all agreed on how powerful it is.

Let me explain.

A journal can be compared with a membership to your local gym. You enroll in a gym membership with the best intention to improve your health- your physical health. You might have a bigger goal of wanting to lose weight, wanting to get fit, or wanting to strengthen your muscles.

The same thing happens when you buy a journal. You buy one with the intention to write on it and you might have the intention to record your emotions, your spiritual journey, or COVID-19.  

The thing is if you don't write in your journal regularly, it is the same thing as having a membership to the gym and not going to the gym! 
You might have the most expensive membership or enrolled in the fanciest gym around, but if you don't take the action and go to the gym and do the workout or the classes, you are not going to achieve your goal. You're not going to lose the weight, you're not going to get fitter and you're not going to strengthen your muscles.

The same thing with journaling! You can have the most expensive, beautiful, shiny
journal you can afford, but if you don't take action and do the work and write on your journal regularly- I'm not even saying every day-, you are not going
to achieve your goals: your emotional goals!

Both physical and emotional goals are equally important! 
Both are related and both should be balanced to allow us to feel happier, more fulfilled, and less stressed.  Sometimes we focus more on strengthening our physical muscle and we neglect our mental muscle and both need the same attention and the same workout.

So journaling is the exercise of strengthening your mindset muscle, that we will allow you to heal your emotions, and stay stronger mentally, increasing your resilience.

You can journal occasionally ( and that helps!),  but if you don't do it regularly and with a purpose, you will struggle to experience the proper healing and personal growth that you can get from journaling regularly.

I advise my clients when they are starting to journal to write at least 10 to 15 a day or 30 to 45 minutes a week. The best thing is to block some time for you where you know you won't be interrupted and in a place you feel safe and comfortable and without distractions. In the beginning, it might be hard to slot that time in, but the more you persist, the more natural it becomes to a point that you will need that routine in order to feel better.

You will make excuses. That is normal. The same way you make excuses for not going to the gym.

" I feel tired today, I will do it tomorrow", " The kids are making too much noise, I can't concentrate". " I have so much to do, I don't have time today".

That's why is so important to have a goal, a purpose- our brain is amazing at giving us all the clues to not do the hard work. It has to be trained! The same way a baby doesn't give up every time he starts to give his first steps and falls flat on the floor and keeps persisting until he can walk, you have to persist and don't give up whenever your body is not willing to take the action.

You will need to commit to yourself and to the results you want to achieve. When you are committed, you have that fire in your belly that will make you carry on even when you don't feel like it. Don't be hard on yourself if you miss a day or two- or even a week- of writing in your journal. Just commit yourself to pick up where you left. 

Just remember to keep exercising that mind-muscle and you will start noticing magic shifts in your emotions.

Lots of love,


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