Mindful Planning Workshop Week

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Mindful Planning Workshop Week

My contribution to the community...

... is definitely different from other planner shop owners..

Sure I could create more free printables, or start doing sales but that wasn't my calling. Since the COVID-19 took over the World I knew I wanted to help my community, to do more than just seat in the house. 
One morning, I woke up with this idea of offering workshops to my Facebook Group Community. I knew I wanted to do it. I could feel it in my bones, but I just needed to figure out how I could accomplish it and, most importantly, what value I could give out.

That's when I put my intention to the Universe and I started to be contacted by the most amazing experts. And I am extremely excited to tell you that, in a space of two weeks, I prepared everything necessary to put together a Week's worth of motivational Workshops to help you navigate through these unprecedented times!

It was a fantastic week and insightful week where we covered topics such as:

  • Healthy Food and emotions behind Emotional Eating
  • Self Care and how to make yourself a priority
  • How to use Journaling as a tool to recognise emotional triggers and work with them
  • How to use Mindfulness in our daily routine to help ease overwhelm. 
  • How to create Inspirational Cards you can use in your journal
  • How to Reclaim your Planning Mojo and find a way to make your planner work in your life.

Oh! Good Idea Mindful Planning Workshop Week

The latest was a workshop run by me (my first ever workshop)! I run through important aspects to help you define the reason why you need to use your planner in your life, what to track, how to decide on your preferences and needs and then buy or adapt a planner system that will work in your life and that is a tool to help you live your best life.



Apart from amazing information given for an hour each day for a course of a week, the guest experts- and myself- gifted my Facebook Group with exclusive offers such as a Meditation recording, an amazing Health Food Guide, a Starter Sticker pack at an amazing value price and one to one coaching sessions.

There is still time to take advantage of these Workshops and watch the replays. Simply join the community here and indulge yourself in the passion and knowledge all these ladies gifted just to help.



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