Time to CELEBRATE Oh! Good Idea's ShopAnniversary

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Time to CELEBRATE Oh! Good Idea's ShopAnniversary

One thing that I realised recently, is that life has a purpose for us from the beginning. But most of the time we tend to ignore the signs, fight what we think is our truth and, in the end, we can either feel completely unhappy in our soul, or start listening to our intuition and follow our purpose. This realisation is, perhaps, a little deep for the intend of this article, but I will explain why I came up with it.


Fist sketches, Ligia Costa, Oh! Good Idea. Drawing at 10 years old.

Some of my drawings, back in 1999.

You see, since I was 12 I discovered my passion for drawing. There were no YouTube videos at the time to teach you step by step how to draw. I would simply look at a picture or drawing in a book, and draw it exactly the same. Scale wise, my drawings always ended up being bigger than what I intended…. Sometimes, I would run out of space in the paper and I would need to start over. But it was a hobby that I truly enjoyed and that I got lots of compliments from my family.

Art was one of my favourite subjects in school. The freedom of being creative was my escape from the world and the bullying I suffered as a teenager. In year 9, we had these Career Aptitude tests in school to help us choose the best subjects in year 10 (in Portugal, secondary school runs from year 10 to 12). The two results that came out of these intensive tests, were Arts and Languages. At 15 I have decided I wanted to become a reporter! That was my dream and that’s what I wanted to pursue. So, I was happy when Languages was one of the results because it was the confirmation I needed for my decision. So off I went to get a course in Communication, Public Relations and Marketing, with the intent to be a reporter for a newspaper- I wanted to write, interview and investigate.


But life then showed me things were not be going to plan. Three years later, due to personal circumstances, I moved to UK without finishing my course. As my English wasn’t good enough and I lacked confidence, I gave up pursuing a college degree. Soon I became a mum and my priorities changed. Suddenly I had someone who needed my devotion all day, every day and I was up for the challenge.

Fast forward two years and I had my second child. Isolation became an issue and that’s when my mental health started to take a toll on me.
I was young, with two children, with no friends or family around and with a rubbish English. So, I turned to what have always been an escape: creativity. I started to paint and decoupage wooden boxes. I taught myself how to sew and started making accessories. On a later date, I even took the plunge to design my own fabrics. But something was missing…

Until one day, I felt the urge to grab a pencil and draw. Oh men! I have forgotten how much I enjoyed it!! The relaxing sound of the pencil scribbling the paper, the feeling of the paper in my hand… the whole process was so therapeutic that I started drawing again.

On my 32nd birthday, my husband gifted me with a Cricut machine! It was simply THE. BEST. GIFT. EVERRRRR! He has seen my happiness and potential and he suggested me to start turning my drawings into something. He knew how much I love stationery and planning. By gifting me with this tool full of possibilities, he was encouraging me to be creative with my talent.

I started making greeting cards and stickers for my friends’s businesses. And after a lot of research and self-learning, I gave it a go turning my doodles into stickers. That’s when I decided THAT was what I wanted to do- make functional stickers to use in my planner system. At first, they weren’t good enough. I used to draw and scan it, but even in the highest DPI the resolution wasn’t good. I managed to start digitising it and when I was happy with the results, I decided to open my shop!


Oh! Good Idea first stickers

Oh! Good Idea's first sticker attempts.

It took me a while to choose the perfect name. I was never very good at naming things, unless there is a special meaning behind it. After seating in my desk for hours I thought of my feelings when I had this business idea. That’s when it stroked me. – Oh! Good Idea. It was my thought when I had the epiphany of turning my doodles into stickers!

And that’s when I came up with the name. Obviously, I did a Google search to see if there were other companies with the same name. That being cleared, I quickly created a FB Page and an Etsy Shop so I could come up with the name first! - and that’s why my Etsy shop shows we have been opened since 2017.

But, in reality, I only launched my designs to the World in January 2018. Which means our little shop is turning TWO! I cannot believe it has been two years already! From the scanned attempts, to the creation of our Teedy character, this has been the most amazing and fun ride and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.   

Oh! Good Idea became more than just a planner shop. Oh! Good Idea is ME! It’s my story. It’s the passion of the 12-year-old girl who started drawing by herself. It’s the bullied teenager who found art as an escape for the pain. It’s the isolated stay at home mum who made the most of her new role to create stickers who reflected her busy days looking after her children and a reflection of her emotions whilst battling mental health. Oh! Good Idea changed my signature to the World- I’m no longer JUST a stay at home mum and a wife. I’m an artist, a business owner. I am making a difference by inspiring women to keep motivated.

Over these two years, my life – and our life as a family- changed completely. I get to show my children that they should always pursue their dreams. That, the fact they don't know how to do something, it doesn’t mean they can’t learn. I’m inspiring them to do what they love, even if it takes years for them to realise it.

I learnt so much about running a business that I ever thought possible- and I’m still learning! My drawing has evolved and the creation of our character, Teedy- inspired in my daughter, was the most amazing achievement to date. But the thing that hits me the most is that I learnt I am more capable, more persistent and more determined than I ever thought I was. I grew as a person with Oh! Good Idea. And Oh! Good Idea is helping me with my mental health.

Oh! Good Idea, Teedy, planner sticker shop

Me and Teedy!


Long story short, life has always known what my purpose was. I tried to denied it and stir away from it and pursue a career that never happened. As soon as I started listening to my intuition, I could see the signs. There were there all along. I found my sole purpose: inspire and motivate women through my art. I needed to go through the heart aches, the hard times, the depression and anxiety. Only this way, I’m able to connect with so many of you and bring your emotions and what you need to life, with a Teedy cute sticker.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported this journey and has helped me look forward for something amazing in every day.

If you managed to read this far, YOU ARE AWESOME! And I hope I inspired you somehow.

Our second ShopAnniversary is here and it must be celebrated! For that, I will be running a Giveaway in our VIP Group (it’s free to join!) we will launch our Special ShopAnniversary Mystery Bags over at our website as well as a celebratory sale!

Hope you can join the fun and make history with Oh! Good Idea.


Lots of love,

Ligia & Teedy

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