Our Website is LIVE!

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Our Website is LIVE!

I contemplated the idea of having my own standalone website for a long time. But I lacked the courage to do it.

Similar to so many artists/ small business, I opted for a marketplace to start selling my stickers. It was easy to set up. No hassle! And the possibilities of being found within the marketplace were high. 

That's how I reached my first customers, my repeated customers and followers. But things were not as easy as I firstly thought. I still needed to learn and implement SEO on a regular basis, and I still needed to do marketing around the web to get found... 

So... I started day dreaming about having my own identity. My own website! My unique home for my stickers and planner goodies that I could call "my small piece of heaven"!

BUT I was scared.

Mind monkeys started to shout in my head:

      " What if no one can find me anymore?"

      " It is a huge investment and I need to do everything myself... not sure it is worth it..."

      " Will my customers follow me to my unique place in the world wide web?"

      "I'm not good enough"

And the list goes on...

So I postponed this idea for over 7 months. Always trying harder in the marketplace. Always giving it time to pick up. Still finding the courage...

Until last Monday! Whilst doing my tax return and actually looking at my figures, I was perplex to notice how expensive selling in the marketplace was becoming! When you add all the pennies, it's amazing how long of a bill it becomes!

I had enough! That was the moment I decided I would't postpone the website idea anymore and I would give it a go. For three consecutive days I worked full time on building it up. It wasn't as complicated as I thought and I could make it my own. A reflection of my brand and myself! 

And I'm so happy with the final result!!

Yes, the mind monkeys are still here, trying to play around. Yes, I'm still scared it won't work out BUT I am also hopeful and I believe Oh! Good Idea has a special place in the World and many people will still come across my art and feel the joy and personality it brings to their lives.

Maybe you are a first time visitor.

Maybe you are a previous customer, from the marketplace!

Whoever you are, PLEASE feel welcome in my own small piece of heaven and enjoy all the cuteness Teedy spreads around it!
And thank you so much for being here and for supporting this dream.

You are AWESOME!

Much Love,

Ligia & Teedy

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