Patterns of the Mind

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Patterns of the Mind

What is the weather pattern inside your mind?

More often than not, we are not aware of all the gazillions of thoughts that are in our minds, and the effects they have on our moods.

The thing that we notice is that in one moment we are chatting and giggling away and the very next one we feel irritable or sad. But we don't realize it until either other people point out how moody we are or we have some kind of awareness about our own behavior.

We get so caught up in the busyness, stress, and exhaustion of our lives that we let our moods swing and dictate how we live.

You see, there are certain patterns of thinking that can turn a momentaneous dip in our emotional wellbeing into long periods of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and burn out.

Did it ever happen to you to experience a short moment of sadness or stress at some point during your day that put you in a bad mood for the rest of it?

Yep. I got moments like this too.

The thing is, the damage is NOT in the mood, in the way you feel- the damage lies on how you react to it!

The worst thing to do when you are visited by these sporadic bad mood swings is to try to work out the reason for your sadness or stress and trying to work it out. This is because your mind will pursue validation for your feelings and it will send you on a journey through your past, which will lower your mood even further. Your inner critic will then beat yourself with a bat because you are failing to cheer yourself up, you will recriminate and judge yourself and your way of feeling and feel not good enough because you can't be the person you wish you could be.

Sounds familiar?

First of all, you need to remember that it is normal to feel unhappy and stress from time to time. It's part of our human nature. So trying to fight or find a way to stop it will only drag you into this cycle of negative thoughts, memories, and emotions that will be almost impossible to stop once it gains momentum.

Second of all, there are triggers everywhere- the World is packed with them! Even an innocent scent of a flower can trigger a chain of memories and emotions!
So, you CAN'T stop the triggering or unhappy memories or the self-judgment,


You CAN STOP how you react to it! You can change what happens after you feel triggered:

  • You can stop the negative thought spiral from feeding itself on the validation from your past
  • You can stop your past memories from triggering even more negative emotions
  • You can stop those negative emotions from keeping you stuck on, even more, overwhelm, sadness and anxiety


  • By recognizing memories and damaging thoughts when they arise. By letting them stay and go, without fighting them.
  • By remembering that those memories ARE memories- THEY ARE NOT YOU! They are not "real" in your present moment.
  • By understanding that you don't need to fix your emotions.

You can solve problems with clarity and the mental space to do so WHEN you bring the awareness that you are thinking, rather than letting your mind think about things.

Bring in the senses to break the patterns in your mind, to ground you to the present moment, and follow the thoughts without resistance, without judgment or the need to fix it.
This process will break the noise in the mind and bring your inner self to a peaceful and happy place, where compassion, kindness, and patience towards yourself lies.

I teach my clients to bring this awareness through mindfulness writing. Having a journal is an extremely helpful and important tool to ground your thoughts and emotions.
It is a way of noticing the weather pattern inside your mind and, by doing so, embark on a journey of self-discovering and self-development.

I will be launching the Pathway to Emotional Healing course soon, where I will be guiding women through this process of healing as well as covering so much about our thoughts and emotions that are keeping us stuck in a negative cycle.

If you wish to join the waiting list and be notified when the course launches, click the link below:…


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