Why Perfectionism & Planning are a Bad Combination

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Why Perfectionism & Planning are a Bad Combination

I've been part of the planner community enough time to realise that some fella planner friends have something in common- They are too perfectionists with their planning style.

Is that an asset or a prejudice?- you may ask.

In my opinion, it's prejudicial

Trying to be too perfectionist about the way you plan, the way the spread should look like to be as beautiful as that person you follow on Instagram, or because you are too afraid to mess it up, is not only not helpful, it's also damaging for the whole purpose of using a planner.

Let me explain.

I cannot stress this enough- a planner is a tool to help you achieve your best life! The planner should work for you and your lifestyle and be like your partner in reminding you of important information and deadlines and support you in your daily tasks in order for you to achieve your bigger goals. Of course, we like to make our planners pretty, but it should be a reflection of YOU! Not the Youtuber you follow or that person on Instagram that possibly just writes and decorates her planner as shown.

Your enemy here? Comparison

You see, perfectionism is the " all or nothing" mindset. What that means is, while you are stuck in this mindset, you will delay your plans, you will procrastinate, and see your dreams "destroyed" ( because you are not taking action to achieve them). You will then fall into the comparison trap- not only comparing your planner style with others. NO, IT GOES DEEPER THAN THAT! You will start comparing your life with others too. You will notice all the achievements others are accomplishing, how good and far on their journey they are whilst you haven't started yet.

If you are too strict and perfectionist about the way you plan or decorate your planner, you are actually restraining your emotions, your creativity, and your plan of action. You are taking away the power of freedom this tool can provide for your life and you become a slave of your own planner. Use your planner with the understanding that you don't need to hold back or write in an aesthetic way- you are not helping yourself by doing this. Spending time looking for the perfect way of having the most beautiful and hardcore-looking spread will suppress you rather than move you forward.

My advice to you is to be clear of what you like in your planner, how it can help you support your life and your why. Then, don't hold back! Use it the way it fits you, be as much or as less creative as you like and, if by any chance, you skip a week or two of planning, it's always OK!

Be kind to yourselfNot being perfect, doesn't mean you are failing! Not being perfect means you are being true to yourself. It means you are navigating through your routine, your emotions, and your learning experience. Not being perfect means that you are not paralyzed by a fear that keeps you stuck. 

Remember, " Perfectionism is not the same thing as striving to be your best, rather it is a heavy shield we carry around that we use as a source of protection." Lucy Sheridan


Ligia xx

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