Have you ever been to a Planner Event?

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Have you ever been to a Planner Event?

Have you ever been to a Planner Event: a planner meet up or even a planner  convention?

Last weekend I attended the Spring Fling Planner Thing Planner Con (SFPT) in Tiverton for the second year! I took my shop with me, it was Teedy's first public appearance and I also sponsored a table.

These kind of events are AMAZING to connect with like minded people- you know, other people who also use planners as a coping tool, people who get your addiction, who inspires you and teach you so many different ways to decorate your planner spreads.

If you never been to an event like this, I will briefly walk you through to what you can expect to happen, having SFPT as an example:

At your arrival, you do the register. You show your ticket and get either a badge or lanyard with your name so people can easily identify you. You then check the table plan to see where you are seated. 

In this particular event, some of the stall holders, like myself, offered to sponsor the tables- you could see such a beautiful variety of Spring Decorations, filled with creativity and each with their own sub-theme. In addition, we also gifted the table attendees with unique planner goodies.

Everyone was mesmerised by the beauty of the colours and the elegance in the room, as you can see in the photos below.

Spring Fling Planner Thing Planner Con 2020, UK, Oh! Good Idea Spring Fling Planner Thing Planner Con 2020, UK, Oh! Good Idea

 Beautiful decorations at the Spring Fling Planner Thing

Annabelle, the SFPT organiser, was very structured with how the day went, which was really good because you knew what to expect.

So, right in the morning, there was some shopping time. You could get a taste of what the stall holders had to offer and rush to get the best deals. 

Oh! Good Idea stall at Spring Fling Planner Thing, Teedy

Teedy first public appearance took over our stall.

We then joined our table companions. We could know them or not, but there was this "ice- breaker" game that involved all the table members to chat, change ideas and compete with the rest of the tables to win a joint prize. This game was actually an amazing idea as we got to talk, have a sense of all different personalities in our table and force us to let the shy out.

Following the playful agitation, we had our first Workshops- half the room had an amazingly inspired workshop with Geraldine Jayne from Dream Create Journal, and the other half went to a separate room for a workshop with Loti-Maria from Mama Makes.

I stayed in the main room, so my first workshop was with Geraldine. She had us prepared a worksheet to fill beforehand about our Goals and Dreams. The main objective of this workshop was to do a Creative Intentional Planning where we would set our intentions, be mindful of our emotions, feelings and thoughts and then we would journal about it in a clear and creative way. By being clear about what we want in our lives, what we want to change and conquer, we can actually make a visual plan in order to start achieving our dreams and desires.

Geraldine's passion about the subject and the way she told us her own life story, showing her vulnerability, was really contagious and really resonated with me. I even got tearful and as soon as I got home, I started following the activities she shared during the workshop in my own journal.

Spring Fling Planner Thing Planner Con 2020, UK, Geraldine Jayne Workshop, Dream Create Journal Creative Intentional Planning

Worsheet with activities at Graldine Jayne's Workshop

After the first workshop, we had a free plan with me session and lunchtime. Shopping time was opened again so everyone was doing what they felt happy to do, chatting with old and new friends and sharing planner inspiration.

During the afternoon, the same workshops took place, but this time the group of people swapped. So I went to a separate room, with all the tables already ready with supplies. Loti's workshop was to make a sticker storage box from scratch. She provided us with the templates, tools, paper and glue and patiently explained all steps of the construction project. It was such a relaxed and creative environment. Everyone was really enjoying themselves, laughing and chatting.

Spring Fling Planner Thing Planner Con 2020, UK, Mama Makes Workshop Sticker Storage Box

Mama Makes tools for the workshop

Back to the main room, after workshops were finished, we had the Planner Bingo! Now, I really struggled with this because I never played Bingo before but we all had fun and many ladies won some great prizes.

The final part of the event was the raffle tickets- SO MANY amazing prizes to be won from fantastic shop owners that kindly donated to the event. I managed to win two rolls of washi tape, but there were ladies that won more than one prize- in my table one of the ladies won about five!

At the end of the event, there was still time to shop, do some of the workshops other stalls were offering, chat, take lots of selfies with new and old friends and, off course, the usual planner stack photo.

Spring Fling Planner Thing Planner Con 2020, UK, planner stack photo

Overall it was a fantastic day!
If you are on the fence about attending a planner event- do it! Everyone is so nice that you won't feel out of place. You have the opportunity to learn new skills, get inspired, have fun, meet fantastic shops that might be new to you and, more importantly, make new friends for life!


I'm so blessed I had this opportunity again this year and I am already booked for some more events in 2020 because, once you attend your first and the fear is out of the way, you kind of get the meeting bug and you want to attend more and more planner events!


Lots of love,

Ligia xx

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