And then, there was Teedy...

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And then, there was Teedy...

Ever since I opened my little sticker shop...

I envisioned myself creating my own character. Although all stickers are hand illustrated by me since the beginning, I wanted something that would reflect ME- my life, my nature, my shop.

But I felt scared...

For the longest time ( or what felt like it), I was insecure about what I wanted. I sketched so many different characters, and threw the projects away. Others, I managed to launch but, although I loved it, it wasn't really speaking to me. I knew what I wanted, but all the fear ( of rejection, of not being able to be consistent), lack of confidence and all the mind monkeys were blocking my creativity.

Until one day, I stopped trying hard. I was making drawings with my daughter and I just sketched a cute kawaii girl. And, in the middle of that playtime with my little muse, I got inspired and that's when Teedy was created! I was finally happy with it!
So... Teedy is inspired by my (now) four year old daughter, Matilde. 
She has pink hair, because is Matilde's favourite colour and she wears a crown because Matilde is our Princess - and she is also a Drama Queen! 

During the creation of this character, I incorporated an M at the top of Teedy's head, as a trademark for the design and as a reminder of who inspired my cute character: M for Matilde!

Now... the name choice was easy too! Although it is a odd name, it has a meaning.

My daughter didn't know how to say her own name when she started talking, so she would refer herself as Teedy. The name stuck with us and until this day we always call her by that name, because it's cute!
It just seemed natural to name our character Teedy, as she is inspired by our little Matilde.

In the end, after all the failed attempts and frustrations, I finally created my vision. It was in front of me all along, but as usual, we tend to look far and wide. Most of the times, we just need to look around and inside of us: Teedy is a product of love. She is a reflection of ME and my World. She is inspired not only by little daughter, but she is charismatic as my other two children too. And all the motivation and mental health understanding she shows, it's a reflection of me and my own struggles, wins and lessons whilst battling my invisible battle.

Teedy was launched in May 2019 and as off today, we have 56 different sticker sheets featuring our candy hair girl ( not including special kits). She is now part of our branding too and we have so many exciting plans for the future.

If you like pink, cuteness and all the motivational stickers to keep you happy and inspired in your planner spread, make sure you check our vast collection.


Lots of love,

Ligia and Teedy

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