The real  reason why you keep changing Journals without finishing them...

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The real reason why you keep changing Journals without finishing them...

How many times do you find yourself buying a new journal or notebook but either you don't get to use it or you start but never finish?

Be honest! How many journals you have that still have blank pages on but you started a new one in the meantime?

I'm in the planning/ journaling community for enough time to pick up that this is actually very common. Many of us, myself included, spot a beautiful journal (or planner, or notebook for that matter) and there is something that calls to us: the colour, or an inspirational quote on the cover and we buy it!

Other times, we feel enabled to do it: how often are you scrolling on social media and you spot a person you follow sharing this beautiful journal or someone on a group post a link of a new addition to their collection? All of a sudden, you have fallen into the trap of clicking on the post, checking if there is a link, clicking on the link, and accidentally adding the item to your basket. Oops! Another journal it's on the way!

I'm totally guilty of that too!

More often than not, when your happy mail arrives in the post, you don't know where to start! You bought it because you liked it, not really because you had a use for it. You bought it because that person you follow on IG or YouTube has one and you would love to replicate that beauty too, but then you get overwhelmed when you look to the blank canvas and you are scared to mess it up.

You might even start using it. You are creative with your new journal, you even experiment with adding quotes or prompts, but after a while, you find your approach too scattered and you fell out of love with your journal.

And here it's where the "problem" lives.

The REAL reason why you keep buying journals and planners it's because you seek new beginnings.

And why do I say this?
A journal or planner represents the beginning of something new. Whenever we start a new planner, whenever we start a new journal, even a notebook we get that sense of a fresh start. You start a new chapter of your life- or a new book altogether. You start from scratch because you seek those new beginnings.

There is this need of focusing on something new.
It's exactly the same feeling as when we are approaching our birthdays: we feel like we starting over. Or the same feeling we get when we are approaching a new year: we do all the new year resolutions with hopes to leave the pain and the failures behind our backs and we get the excitement of starting over.

Most of the time we choose to have a journal or planner for different things, different categories of our lives, so we have more control over it. For instance, we might want to gain control over our health and lose weight or another part of our lives that we might feel stuck.

But why? Why is it that makes us keep wanting to start over? 
Because we are wandering without a purpose. There is a lack of "Why".

You might have the best intentions of using your journal and write on it, but if you don't have the final purpose for the use of that journal, if you don't have set a goal of what is it that you want to change in your life or what you need/ want to achieve, things fall apart. That's why you fall out of love with your journal/ planner/ notebook and you just give up on it. Not because you're giving up on you! It's just because you are not clear of the changes you want to make in your life and the goals you want to achieve. And I'm not talking about career changes.
I'm talking about emotions: the things you want to overcome or heal in order to move forward with your life. 

Without a clear purpose, it is really hard for you to finish that journal and, more importantly, achieve your purpose and look back at it and see how far you have come and what you have achieved.

It is quite fascinating- and so revealing- to make the connection that every time you buy a new journal or a new notebook it is your subconscious sending you the message that there is something in your life you don't feel happy with and you seek change. It is your mindset that needs work and emotional wounds that need healing.
How powerful is that? 

You now have the awareness, so next time you feel the urge to buy a journal or planner on a whim, ask yourself why.

Lots of love,


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