The Vicious Cycle

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The Vicious Cycle

You wake up exhausted, drained.

Your days seem all the same: same routine, same people, same flat emotions. Mornings are rushed. You go to work, come back home after 8 intensive hours, and then you put your mum hat on and look after the most special and demanding beings in your life. When it’s finally bedtime, you end up carrying that exhaustion to bed with you at night, not quite resting your mind from all the worries and questions that ruminate in your head. And before you know it, the cycle repeats itself again the next day, and the next…
You can’t quite put a finger on why you feel so deflated and irritable all the time- you have it all, you should feel happy. You should feel grateful.
You exist rather than you live.
You are so scared that life will always be like this, that you feel overwhelmed and unfulfilled for the rest of your life, without the energy to do all the things once you dreamt of doing.
Without addressing the root cause of this emotional deflation, will not only keep you stuck in this vicious cycle but also affect your immune system and health!
It's proven than extreme stress and overwhelm weakens the immune system and causes problems such as slowing down the digestive system, and even worsen digestive conditions like stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome; sleep deprivation, low energy levels, asthma, to name a few.

I know you don't want this for your life!


And I can help you!

My Mindful Journaling signature program combines the therapy journaling treatment of supporting those who struggle with overwhelm, negative emotions, and mild symptoms of anxiety and depression, combined with the essence of mindfulness. These two practices combined will allow you to recognize your triggers, know yourself on a deep level, and reflect on the events around you in a more present, calmer perspective.
Anyone can write about their feelings but using writing as a means to heal negative emotions and to make positive changes in their lives requires guidance and a strategy.
Let me hold your hand and guide you on this journey I use with my coaching clients.
If you want to find out more and want to change your life for good, follow the link below to get more info and to join the waiting list. There will be only 10 spots available.

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