The World is upside down...

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The World is upside down...

... and that's another reason why you need to start planning NOW.

With the self isolation being imposed to us, it seems a bit pointless to do any planning at the moment. You are working from home, or forced to be at home because you have to home school your children or because of health reasons. You don't have much going on in your day, you feel quite bored at some point as there isn't much you can do besides binge watching, scrolling on your phone and eating. You sleep until late, you go to bed late and procrastination starts to show up in the most basic of things- you start brushing your teeth less often, you wear your pyjamas all day (nothing wrong with that- pyjamas are my favourite ans most comfortable work outfit), binge eating instead of cooking proper meals, and the list goes on.

Before you notice, your energy levels have declined, your life is stuck in a loop of inertia and emotional crisis and you feel hopeless. 

If this is happening to you, please, please STOP!

You deserve more than this!

First of all, try to remain calm. I know is easier said than done but, really, what situation out there can you change at the moment? NONE. That's exactly why taking care of your mental health at this point is extremely important.

How can you start changing your mindset then? 

Start by taking less stock of what is going on in the media. Stop scrolling through posts over posts talking about the negative impacts of the C word. I you want to be informed, choose trustworthy resources to keep up to date with the news such as the Government site and the NHS. Most importantly, choose how you want your energy to be over the next period of time. Journal about it, write down which coping skills can you implement to help you maintain a calm mindset, learn a new skill and practise. Now you have all the time to practise meditation, to start a gratitude log, to do some yoga. Keep your mind and body active and you will feel your emotions switching from negative to positive.

Other thing you can implement is Planning. I can't stress enough how important planning is right now. There are two types of planning you can do now:

1- Plan your daily/ weekly routine. Being at home with your children and partner, working or not, requires a huge adaptation to a new lifestyle. Both us adults and our children need structure and a routine in order to feel safe. Plan your day by time blocking a structure that works for your family, for example, from 9 to 11 is school learning, then lunch time. The afternoon can include a two hour block time for you to work whilst the children play or watch TV. Evening can include a family cooked meal, time to chat and laugh, or do a board game as a family before bedtime. 

2- Plan your finances and budget for the next 3 to 6 months. It will be helpful to break it down by week, but also look in the near future and create a 3 to 6 months buffer. Break down your monthly spending, outflows and inflows. Check if there is any expense you can reduce, detail any dates of payout bills/ direct debits and set a PSB (Personal Survival Budget).

This kind of planning not only will help you structure your life, it will also put your mind at ease and help with your mental health.  By having actual figures, you don't panic over assumptions.

I know it doesn't look like it right now, but this health crisis will pass. Corona Virus will not last forever and, instead of looking at it in a negative, frustrated way, look at it in a positive way. The Universe, the World is imposing us to slow down and appreciate the things we take from granted. Make the most of this time to reflect, to spend time with your loved ones, to do the things you have been postponing for a while because you always had other priorities before. Make new exciting plans for the future, perhaps you can create a vision board. Take this time to read, to learn a new skill and to rest. Make the most of this hibernation so you can come out of it stronger, more energetic and grateful for the life you have.

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Stay safe and keep positive <3 


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