There are triggers everywhere...

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There are triggers everywhere...

... the World is packed with them...

Even the most knowledgeable expert about mindset and coping with negative emotions go through moments of sadness and frustration too!
It is normal! It's part of our human nature. So trying to fight or find a way to stop it will only drag you into this cycle of negative thoughts, memories, and emotions that will be almost impossible to stop once it gains momentum.
Many think that mastering your emotions is to be positive all the time- dismissing the pain and the things going on around us, ignoring the body sensations and the discomfort in the heart, avoiding facing the problems, or the emotions.
But it's exactly the opposite! How are you suppose to understand what you are feeling, how are you supposed to identify what emotions are running through your body if you ignore it, avoid it, dismiss it?!
There are so many situations that we cannot control. That we don't agree with. Situations that aren't fair... that we don't understand why they had to happen...
Dwelling on them will not make it better, but it is SO important to allow yourself to feel it. It is so important to allow yourself the time to be, to stop, to cry... You are not failing to master your emotions if you burst into tears or scream your lungs out in despair and pain- you are RELEASING the pain! You are FEELING, you are BEING, you are ALIVE...
Yesterday was the day that I couldn't take any more pain. For the past two weeks, things in my personal life have been really overwhelming and culminated with a family member passing away from COVID.
I sat on my desk and cried... I cried until I had no more tears to cry.
Did I feel like a failure? Absolutely not! I am human, and I allowed myself to feel the pain and release it.
Does it mean I don't have control of my emotions anymore? Does it mean that, as a mindset coach, I am an imposter?
Absolutely not! I am human and what kind of coach would I be if I was bottling up my feelings and living on positive affirmations in times of pain?
The tools that I teach and implement myself, such as meditation, mindfulness, and journaling help to make sense of those negative emotions and are not meant to stop you from feeling the pain nor will block you from being negative ever again.
That's not the point! The point of using these tools is that, when you do feel negative and frustrated and hopeless, you can understand much quicker what is it that you are feeling and heal much quicker.
Just like I did. Crying yesterday cleansed my soul. And now I am taking the time to pause, go inwards, and use those tools to heal the pain and align my energy.
You CAN'T stop the triggering or unhappy memories or the pain... but you can absolutely be in the present moment, welcome those emotions, and be compassionate towards yourself.
Lots of Love,

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