What's the best Planner for you?

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What's the best Planner for you?

A few weeks ago, I shared here what are the first steps you should take to be clear of the reasons Why you need your planner to work for you, the areas of you life you need to track and ways How you can make a planner system work for your lifestyle.


In this post, I will give you some examples of Planner Types you may consider when you are clear of your Why and How.

Along with choosing your Layout Preferences, you must also take in consideration the Size you are looking for/ prefer when choosing a planner. Some of the things you need to evaluate is if the Planner will be staying at home or if you will carry it with you to work etc. If so, you may need to consider a smaller, more portable size that fits into your handbag and it's not too heavy to carry around. Another thing is the amount of space you need to write your tasks, as the size of the planner determines the space available in the layout.

When you have consider the above preferences, you can consider the following Planner Types:

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Spiral/ Coil Bound

Pros: Easy to fold the page around so you can focus on one page. Easy to lay flat.

Cons: You cannot remove the pages and change them around, your hand hits the coil when you are writing and it can be heavy, depending on the size. Make sure you know how the layout looks like on the inside as pages are not removable.

Examples: Erin Condren, Inkwell Press


Ring Bound

Pros: You can freely change the pages and sections around and create a planner system for your needs, by adding extra pages. You can easily create and print on demand your inserts, and punch them into your planner.

Cons: Your hand hits the rings when you are writing ( sure you can remove the pages for writing, but constantly opening and closing the rings will damage it over time).

Examples: Filofax, KIKKI.K, Webster's Pages


Disc Bound

Pros:  Similar with the Rings Planner, you can freely change the pages and sections around and add extra pages. The hole punch for this type of planners tend to be pricier. Discs are interchangeable which means you can remove them and replace for bigger/ smaller sized discs or change colours. It lays flat and dividers or pockets can be added easily.

Cons: Your hand hits the discs when you are writing. The covers are normally made out of plastic or thick cardboard which can wear off over time, specially the corners. Depending of the size and thickness, it can become heavy to carry around.

Examples: MAMBI Happy Planner, Busy Days Planner, Arc, Levenger Circa


Travellers Notebook

Pros: You can buy ( or add on) as many Strings as you would like. On each string you place a new insert which works out as a section for each part of your life you would like to track. You can easily replace an insert that's filled without tearing apart the whole planner. There are an array of insert types to suit your needs ( monthly, weekly, daily, lined, grid, plain pages, etc). You can add accessories and decorate the planner to make it your own and inserts are easily made at home.

Cons: If you are looking for a durable cover ( leather, for instance), it can come quite costly. Hard to lay flat to write.

Examples: Prima Travellers Notebook, Midori


Hard Cover/ Case Bound

Pros: Easily lays flat. Everything its in one book.

Cons: Similar with coil bound planners, you cannot change the pages around, so it's less versatile in that sense.

Examples: Passion Planner, Hobonichi Weeks, Hobonichi Cousin


Bullet Journal

Pros: A blank canvas- you are free to create the system you want, every week, month or whenever you feel like it. It's a completely versatile planner and you can create your own structures and layout.

Cons: It can be scary to look at a blank page at the beginning and fear to mess up. It can take longer to pre- structure your planner and plan your weeks.

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Hope this article is helpful to help you decide which planner system can be more appropriate for your planning style and planning needs. 

So far, which system is working for you?




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