You fail if you believe you will...

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You fail if you believe you will...

"There is no desonour about losing the race, the only desonour is to not race because you are afraid to lose."

One of the biggest fears we all have that keep us from moving forward is our difficulty in making decisions and, consequently, not take action.

We get so scared to fail, to make a mistake, to lose that we don't even try and we convince ourselves there is no point in trying because of X, Y and Z. We find all the excuses to fuel the conviction we have that we will fail even before starting.
And the worst thing is, most of the time we don't even realise that's the language we are telling ourselves.

I'm guilty of this too!

Early this week, during a conversation with a friend, I said " If it doesn't work, I will change the plan".
In my head, I was thinking of adapting to the outcome and face it as an opportunity to improve rather than mourning about it not being successful.

But what I was actually saying was " This is not gonna work, so I'm not giving my 100% and I need to think of a plan B".

Shocking, right?

The truth is, I was already panicking over the idea of making a mistake because it's purely something I can't control. I was wasting my energy in all the "what ifs" and in my obsession with controlling every step.

But the reality is, there are no mistakes- only opportunities! Doesn't matter what decision we make, we will learn, grow, evolve, therefore, we are not losing nor failing.

So, instead of thinking that my plan A will not work even before I start it and let that fear preventing me to take the race, I learnt that I will take the race, give my 100% and I will let go of the outcome or expectations. It will work because it will give me amazing opportunities to learn, improve and grow.

So I will not fail! I will not lose!

Are you not racing because you are afraid to lose?

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