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Magic is coming!

'A Moon Child is a unique and a curious soul who is often in a daze, his or her mind is always out of this world. They live in their fantasy and refuse to come back to a harsh reality.' (Source www.urbandictionary.com)

Teedy is definitely a Moon Child and she is bringing you the Magic of the Moon to inspire you in this creative and free reality with this Mystery Bag release. 

Each bag will be filled with cuteness and exclusive products just for this release!
Our previous Mystery Bags have been a SUCCESS- you can expect the same quality and wow factor!

Each bag contains:

  • Moon Child Theme
  • Exclusive Kit
  • Magical Stickers
  • Ephemera
  • and more

Everything is designed and hand-drawn by me. You won't find it anywhere else!

At an AMAZING VALUE price, you will be able to treat yourself with a guilt-free feeling!

Valued at over £20 worth of contents, you can get it for ONLY £9.99!!!!! There will be 15 bags available BUT the FIRST 10 BAGS will get a FREE BONUS product!

These bags have 1 week of processing time. If you are purchasing more items and wish to receive those quicker, it's advised to purchase these bags separately, otherwise, extra items will be shipped together.

Discounts cannot be used towards the purchase of these bags.

RRP: over £20