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The most magical blossoming is in YOU! 

You are constantly blooming- you bloom despite the weeds (obstacles), you bloom despite the darkness of the soil ( negative situations), you bloom despite the rain (emotions). The rain, the darkness of the soil, and the weeds are all necessary so that you can grow tall and strong, but sometimes, it's difficult to see that we need both sun and rain to blossom, just like the flowers do.

You have all the strength and capability to grow right inside of you. 

Ready to BLOOM!

And Teedy is here to lovingly remind you of how amazing you are!

Each bag contains:

  • Exclusive Kit
  • Foiled Stickers
  • Ephemera
  • Vellum
  • and more

It is so important to see how amazing you are and have the right inspirational reminders to practice it every day. Our planners are our sanctuaries- having a beautiful collection of planner stickers and decor will inspire your own creative self to explore your deepest magic and bloom.

At an AMAZING price, valued at over £20 worth of contents, you can get it for ONLY £9.99.

These bags have 1 week of processing time. If you are purchasing more items and wish to receive those quicker, it's advised to purchase these bags separately, otherwise, extra items will be shipped together.

Discounts cannot be used towards the purchase of these bags.

RRP: over £20