Ligia Costa, owner and designer of cute and functional planner stickers over at Oh! Good Idea.

"I turned my weakness into a creative outlet to help other women"

I am Lígia and I was born in the beautiful Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

Growing up, I had a challenging childhood at home, I was bullied at school and my personality was moulded with the beliefs that I’m not worthy of love, I am not enough and I don’t deserve a happy life.

When I was 17 I moved to London to be with my boyfriend (now husband). He was the only person who understood me fully, without judgement, and who loved me unconditionally. Two years later, I found out we were expecting our first child. We were so extremely happy with the news as we longed to have a baby for some time. But life had other plans and 8 weeks later, I had to have an emergency surgery to remove our baby as she was growing outside of the womb- I was having an ectopic pregnancy.

Although I got pregnant again later twice and all went well, and I had 2 beautiful and healthy baby boys, missing a child knocks our world and it triggered yet more childhood wounds.

Being a stay at home mum and isolated, just made things worst. Suddenly, I was this depressed mum, numbed by anti- depressants, without energy or will to live. I struggled to cope with basic chores or to feel excited about life and I felt even more horrible because I knew I wasn’t being a good mum for my babies.

One day, when I was driving from school run with my youngest baby in the rear seat, I fell asleep. The medication was so strong at the time, I struggled to keep my eyes opened. I could have had an accident. I could have died. Worst… I could have killed my baby!

I managed to get home, and when I got inside the safety of those 4 walls, I cried. I cried so much with guilt, frustration against myself, anger and pity… But that was my turning point! I decided there and then I would not take that medication ever again and I would ask for help.

And I did. I had therapy for 3 months. It helped me cure the depression, but the underlying anxiety that was causing the depression came to the surface, so I had another battle to fight. Since 2010 that I’ve been battling chronic anxiety. I practised CBT, Yoga, Hypnotherapy, I was certified in Mindfulness and Meditation yet, the one thing that is keeping me sane throughout this journey is planning and journaling.

Having a planner to look at every day, where I can write everything I need to do, bills I need to pay, school events, chores and feelings, was an anchor to help me regain control of my life.

With a lifelong passion for stationery, I started to design functional and cute stickers to use in my planner system, to help me with my productivity and motivation. Not only that, I started designing motivational stickers with mantras and affirmations to remind myself of the lovable, deserving and worthy person I am.

That’s when I launched Oh! Good Idea.

A difficult childhood and a long life battling mental health as a result of that, made me have a deep understanding of the emotions and struggles many of you feel, the support and positive words many of you seek and the need to have a positive way of regaining control of your life. I was where you are now. And because I relate, I use my knowledge and my own life experience to design compelling, positive and motivational planner stickers and stationery that work as an outlet to promote self-care time, creativity, increase productivity and a feeling of self-worth and accomplishment. 

Thank you for being here and I hope my designs can be of help in your journey.