Ligia Costa, owner and designer of cute and functional planner stickers over at Oh! Good Idea.

At Oh! Good Idea I help busy women to achieve more free time, by successfully scheduling their days with cute functional stickers.

I'm Ligia and I have a confession to make... I can't function without my planner!

As a busy mum of three little rebels, there is not enough hours in a day. You know how it is like: being a taxi driver to and from school, a chef, an entertainer, a teacher, a doctor on call, a cleaner and taking care of a pile of laundry on a daily basis...
The need of a structure and organisation in my role as a stay at home mum was the reason why I purchased my first planner and fell into the rabbit hole of gorgeous stationery!
I found that, by using cute functional stickers and washi on my planner, my productivity improved and I kept on track of my to do lists successfully, freeing more time to spend with my family.
I started doodling stickers that I couldn't find out there and enjoyed it so much that, in January 2018, Oh! Good idea came to life.

Being able to help busy women like me is my inspiration and motivation. Helping women that work day jobs, women who run their own businesses or are busy bringing up their children to plan their days in a fun and productive way, makes my creativity fire up!
Using cute doodle stickers uplifts the mood, improves productivity and adds joy and creativity to our lives.

I always loved drawing and painting and, although I didn't pursue a college degree, I took my education into my own hands. When I want to learn something, I put in the time and effort necessary to master it. I'm self taught in a lot of things because I'm committed and I love a challenge! 
Many of my designs were requests from customers and followers, nothing is too scary to try out- please feel free to give me a shout if you have something in mind for a design and you can't find it anywhere!

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