Ligia Costa, owner and designer of cute and functional planner stickers over at Oh! Good Idea.

"It took me years and a lot of healing to realize that my own mental health was a symptom of suppressing my true self "

OláI am Lígia and I was born in the beautiful Portuguese capital of Lisbon.

As a child, I used to immerse myself in books, drawing fantasy characters, and writing poetry. It was my coping mechanism to escape a troubled childhood at home and bullying at school.

As an extremely academic child, my dream was to become a journalist for a well-known Portuguese newspaper. I think my yearning to speak up my truth and inspire others to do the same has always been there!

But I dropped out of school before finishing my A levels to follow my heart and moved to the UK to be with my soulmate, to whom I am still happily married!

Two years later, I found out we were expecting our first child. We were so extremely happy with the news as we longed to have a baby for some time. But life had other plans and 8 weeks later, I had to have emergency surgery to remove our baby as she was growing outside of the womb- I was having an ectopic pregnancy.

Although I got pregnant again later twice and all went well, and I had 2 beautiful and healthy baby boys, missing a child knocks our world and it triggered yet more childhood wounds.

Being a stay-at-home mum and isolated, just made things worst. Suddenly, I was this depressed mum, numbed by anti-depressants, without energy or will to live. I struggled to cope with basic chores or to feel excited about life and I felt even more horrible because I knew I wasn’t being a good mum for my babies.

One day, when I was driving from the school run with my youngest baby in the rear seat, I fell asleep. The medication was so strong at the time, I struggled to keep my eyes open. I could have had an accident. I could have died. Worst… I could have killed my baby!

I managed to get home, and when I got inside the safety of those 4 walls, I cried. I cried so much with guilt, frustration against myself, anger, and pity… But that was my turning point! I decided there and then I would not take that medication ever again and I would ask for help..

And I did. I had therapy for 3 months. It helped me cure the depression, but the underlying anxiety that was causing the depression came to the surface, so I had another battle to fight. Since 2010 that I’ve been battling chronic anxiety. I practiced CBT, Yoga, and Hypnotherapy, I am certified in Mindfulness Meditation yet, the one thing that is keeping me sane throughout this journey is planning and journaling. Last year I took this coping skill further and got my Diploma as a Journaling Therapy Coach.

During this journey of self-healing, I experienced my spiritual awakening back in 2017, after my grandad passed away (and I predicted his passing through a dream two weeks before he left this world).

Having been a clairvoyant since I was little, I suppressed my ability to receive messages and premonitions through dreams to avoid worsening the bullying I was living with through my whole academic years.

It took me years and a lot of healing to realize that my own mental health was a symptom of suppressing my true self and the purpose of my soul in this lifetime.

As someone who always used a planner to keep track of my daily chores and help me deal with the anxiety, I started to hand-draw functional and cute stickers to use in my planners to help me with my productivity and motivation.

I also started to design motivational stickers with mantras and affirmations to remind me of the lovable, deserving and worthy person I am.

That’s when I launched Oh! Good Idea.

A difficult childhood and a long life battling mental health as a result of that, made me have a deep understanding of the emotions and struggles many of you feel, the support and positive words many of you seek, and the need to have a positive way of regaining control of your life. I was where you are now. 

I use my knowledge, my spiritual gifts, and my own life experience to intuitively design alchemy, positive, and inspiring planner stickers and journals that work as an outlet to find your inner voice by promoting self-care time, creativity, increase productivity and igniting a self-healing journey that will connect you with your own intuition and true self.

I am also exploring ways to offer more intimate services of spiritual healing, such as dream interpretation, oracle readings, and spiritual coaching.

Keep your eyes peeled for what is to come.

Thank you for being here and I hope my designs can be of help in your journey.

Love and light,