Commission Artwork

Commission Artwork:

At Oh! Good Idea we are happy to take on commission artwork from both individuals and businesses and provide the manufacturing of stickers, if necessary. In order to give a fair quote, please contact us via email with the following information:

  1. A description of the project: Please give as much details as possible about your vision, the type of illustration you are looking for, colours and how intricate your project is. This is crucial information as the more details the artwork needs, more time consuming it is.
  2. Deadlines: Be clear about the deadline for your project so I can work on those terms and check my availability.
  3. Delivery of the work: Indicate whether you will need a physical product along with the artwork (stickers, etc) or if you just require the digital artwork ( PDF & PNG). Physical products are charge separately. There are price discounts for orders over 10 items.
  4. Copyright. Understand that we, Oh! Good Idea, retain the copyright of the work/ project. This means that we can put an image of your work on our social media, blog and use it for portfolios for marketing purposes. We will not resell your commission. 


Please send this information over to


How does this work?

After we receive your information and analyse the time required, we will get back to you with a quote. This quote will include:

  1. The commission design
  2. Up to 3 revisions (three different timely alterations you want to make to the project before the agreed deadline) 
  3. Digital artwork sent to your email in both PNG and PDF forms
  4. Any additional physical products price and respective postal charges
Upon agreement of the quote and deadline, a Paypal invoice is sent out with all details outlined.
During the design process, I send watermarked digital proofs to keep my clients updated and to give them the opportunity to make any alternations, as mentioned above.