It took me years and a lot of healing to realize that my own mental health was a symptom of suppressing my true self "

Ligia Costa, Oh! Good Idea, Artist of Planner Stickers, Journaling Therapy Coach
Lígia Costa is an intuitive artist and a Lightworker. A firm believer that traumatic experiences don’t need to define who we truly are and that they don’t change our essence, Lígia testifies that we can all find our way back to our inner core and thrive if we allow ourselves the space to heal our emotional wounds. In doing so, we can accept and forgive our past, and be ready to expand ourselves into the life we have always wanted.
Originally from Lisbon in Portugal, and despite her early setbacks with a troubling childhood and mental health battles, Lígia was born with a curious mind and deep intuitive knowing and quickly built resilience to never give up. Guided and protected by her own intuition and clairvoyance, which she suppressed until her thirties, today she uses her art as a channel for all her life experiences and spiritual gifts as a clairvoyant, by creating meaningful and empowering product collections and courses. Her personal battles with mental health have allowed her to speak directly to other women struggling with the same issues, offering them the tools to be empowered, find their place in the world, and speak their truth. 
As a female entrepreneur empowered by her past, Lígia believes that you have the power within to heal yourself and break the ancestral cycle of pain and connect with your inner wisdom.
She has secured a certification as a Mindfulness Meditation trainee and a Diploma in Journaling Therapy and in the Law of Attraction allowing her to teach and inspire women who seek guidance and help discover the root cause behind their emotional battles and heal them. Her compassionate approach, deep creativity, determination, focus on others, and openness helps to create an instant connection with her clients.
When not lost in her paints, planners, and crystals Lígia is often found enjoying a glass of wine and a packet of popcorn, whilst watching a horror movie with her family.