"I turned my weakness into a creative outlet to help other women"

Lígia Costa, Oh! Good Idea, Illustrator and Designer, Media Page

Lígia is an artist  and designer of planner stickers and stationery. Lígia helps overwhelmed woman to become more productive and motivated with their schedules by using functional and inspiring planner stickers in their planner system in order to turn a dull task into a " looking forward" event, so that they can find more time to do the things they love, spend time with their families and navigate calmly through their routines. 

After being diagnosed with post-natal depression and chronic anxiety in 2009, Lígia went through a learning journey to help her cope with the struggles and challenges with her Mental Health. She learnt skills from helpful therapy practices such as CBT and became a certificated trainee in Mindfulness and Meditation.  Lígia uses her knowledge and experience in these different practices to design compelling, positive and motivational planner stickers and stationery that helps promote self- care, creativity, productivity and self-worth.

Lígia has helped hundreds of women regain daily motivation with her high quality, beautifully designed planner stickers, as well as help them keep on track of their specific needs.

When not lost in her paints and planners, Lígia is often found enjoying a glass of wine and a packet of popcorn, whilst watching a horror movie with her family.