"I turned my weakness into a creative outlet to help other women"

Lígia Costa, Oh! Good Idea, Illustrator and Designer, Media Page

Lígia is a self taught illustrator and designer of planner stickers and stationery for busy and overwhelmed women who battle mental health and lack motivation and productivity in their day to day life.

Having battled mental health for the past decade, after being diagnosed with post-natal depression and chronic anxiety in 2009, Lígia went through a learning journey to help her cope with the struggles and challenges of this invisible illness. She learnt skills from helpful therapy practices such as CBT. Lígia is also a certificated trainee in Mindfulness and Meditation and she is recently learning her way through Law of Attraction whilst working on healing her own childhood wounds, bullying and mental health. Lígia uses her knowledge and experience in these different practices to design compelling, positive and motivational planner stickers and stationery that help promote self- care, creativity, productivity and self-worth.

Lígia believes that by being open about her mental health and showing what many consider a vulnerability, she can connect and inspire other women to use planning as an outlet for their emotions and struggles and to surround themselves with positive affirmations and reminders.