"I turned my weakness into a creative outlet to help other women"

Ligia Costa, Oh! Good Idea, Artist of Planner Stickers, Journaling Therapy Coach
Lígia Costa is an artist and a Journaling Therapy coach. A firm believer that traumatic experiences don’t need to define who we truly are and that they don’t change our essence, Lígia argues that we can all thrive if we take small, simple steps. In doing so, we can overcome our past and catapult ourselves into the life we always wanted.
Originally from Lisbon in Portugal, Lígia has always subscribed to the view that creativity and happiness are achievable goals, despite her early setbacks with mental health issues and a troubling childhood. She was born with a curious mind and deep intuition and quickly built a resilience to never give up. Today she uses this with her product collections and blueprinting tools. Her personal battles with mental health have allowed her to speak directly to other women struggling with the same issues, offering them the tools to be empowered as they overcome their own challenges.
She has recently secured a certification as a Meditation and Mindfulness trainee and a Diploma in Journaling Therapy, allowing her to coach and inspire women who seek guidance and help discover the root cause behind their emotional battles and conquer them. Her empathetic approach, deep creativity, natural alignment, focus on others and openness helps forge an instant connection with her clients.
As a female entrepreneur empowered by her past, Lígia believes that the past doesn’t need to dictate the future and that we have the power within us to change the way we interpret our present struggles. By spreading kindness to encourage and inspire women to find out who they are and what their purpose is, she encourages the importance of self-care, self-love and kindness towards themselves, along with consistency in the healing process and gratitude for what they have.
When not lost in her paints and planners, Lígia is often found enjoying a glass of wine and a packet of popcorn, whilst watching a horror movie with her family.