I am Me Journal, Teacher Gift, Affirmations, Gratitude Journal, Inspirational Notebook, Spiritual, Mindfulness Journal

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This journal is very special. I was inspired to create it during a meditation I did last year. It took me months to release it because I wanted everything to feel aligned with the purpose and message of this creation: to empower you.

We are our own worst critics and for many reasons related to mindset, past traumas, and painful experiences, we struggle to SEE our own abilities, our own gifts, our own beauty... Our own power.

You are your most powerful cheerleader- you just need to see how amazing you are!

With that in mind, this journal contains 96 affirmations to empower you! Each affirmation starts with " I am" so that you can read it to yourself and feel the power of the words.

You can open a page at random each day and read the affirmation that chose you at that moment, to inspire your day. You can use the affirmations as prompts if you feel stuck when you are writing.

The sky is the limit- you can use it as little or as much as you wish 🤩

Each page is coordinated with the below colours too, which makes it so much more appealing to the eye and will excite you to open the journal to write 🤩

If you don't mind having the pages coloured, you can choose our monochrome version- it has the same power and energy, but the pages inside are greyscaled.