Kindred Spirit Mystery Box

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Kindred Spirit Mystery Box



Kindred Spirits are other souls (human or animals) that come to our lives and bring positive energy, compassion, and unconditional love.

More than just a friend, a Kindred Spirit is connected with you in such a way that they can feel the love, happiness, and pain you endure. They are on the same energy vibration as you and so, being around them just feels like your souls have known each other all of your lives!

This Mystery Box celebrates all the Kindred Spirits! The same way we have one or more Kindred Spirits that come into our lives to teach us and inspire us to progress in life, we too are Kindred Spirits to someone out there. We too inspire others and hold their hand whilst they navigate their struggles. 

This Mystery Box celebrates YOU and your kind, compassionate soul. This Mystery Box celebrates THE Kindred Spirit in your life- perhaps gift her with this box of love to let her know how precious she is to you. 

Each Box contains:

🍃  An exclusive 3 Page Sticker Kit

🍃  Decor Sticker Sheet

🍃  Foiled stickers

🍃  Sticker Die Cuts

🍃  Engraved Pen

🍃  Oracle Card

🍃  and more!

🍃  An extra exclusive Mystery Item to celebrate my Birthday!

All products are premium quality, and exclusively hand-drawn by me.

Celebrate yourself or a loved one for ONLY £21 with FREE UK POSTAGE (valued at over £30 worth of contents).
The first 5 orders will automatically receive a FREE BONUS item!
There will be only 15 boxes available.

There is a 3 week processing time on these boxes to allow the production of all of the contents.