My Me Time Self-Care Stationery Box

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I am relocating from London to Wales at the end of the month!! 😃 😃
The good thing for you is that I have been sorting out stock ( some things I didn't even remember having) and I am downsizing.
As my art is becoming more and more a reflection of my embodiment as a spiritual healer, some (lots) of the items I have will be revamped or retired.

For that reason, I am releasing a READY TO SHIP "My Me Time" Box: a self-care box filled with stickers and stationery bits from items that I will not be bringing to the shop ( total transparency here!).

The value of this box exceeds the £25 mark, but I will pack it all together as a bundle for only £12.99 ( more than 50% OFF).

I have enough of the same items to create 7 boxes ( I will add more if something else shows up), but each box will contain:

  • 1 Kit (random)
  • 5 Teedy Sheets
  • 2 decals
  • 1 Vellum (random)
  • 1 Foil Sheet (random)
  • 1 pen
  • 1 teabag
  • 2 printed cardstock squares
  • 1 Lindt chocolate

This box is your time away just for you to plan or journal whilst drinking a cuppa and eating chocolate 😉

P.S- Discount codes cannot be used against the purchase of these boxes as the contents are already reduced.