Fabric Pencil Case/ Pouch, Cute Mint Green Pen, Stationery College Accessory

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The perfect gift for a school girl, who loves colourful accessories and likes to have all the pens and pencils in one place.
This vibrant case/ pouch/ sleeve will fit four pencils/pens/markers comfortably, but it will fit more if needed. The wide opening is handy for grabbing a pen quickly.

I'm sure it will stand out every time you pull your accessory out of your bag!

. Fully lined
. Batting between layers of fabric ( for structure, softness)
. Fits four pencils/pens/markers comfortably (fits more if needed)
. EXCLUSIVE fabric = unique gift



 Approximately 8cm width x 18cm height


Care Instructions


• Delicate machine wash at 30°C.

• Do not tumble dry.

• Iron with low heat.